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Shakemore 2014 CD

  • Shakemore 2014 CD
  • Shakemore 2014 CD

1 –Dot Wiggin Band If I Could Be Your Hero (Instrumental)
2 –The Tinklers Cats
3 –Batworth Stone The Dunes Have I's
4 –Baggypantsrich Baltimore
5 –Angry Shapes Horse's Gavel
6 –Bang Bang Lulu Diddy Wah Diddy
7 –KfriendR Lawn Trouble
8 –The Degenerettes Gertrude Stein
9 –Blandinas* Spaz Clap
10 –Bloodless Cooties Saturday Night Fish Fry
11 –Bonnie Montgomery Daddy's
12 –Buck Subtle And The Little Planets Poor Pluto
13 –Celestial Pincushion Bug Time
14 –Coo Coo Rockin' Time Little Queenie
15 –Go Pills Get Together With You
16 –Jad Fair & Norman Blake Walking The Cow
17 –Caching Behavior Hell Stereo
18 –Los Swamp Monsters Hot Sauce
19 –Weird Paul Band* Old Man's Goat
20 –Old Songs Miserable
21 –Riding Tigers Finger In A Fan
22 –Spidercake Big Black Hole
23 –Mole Suit Choir The Origin Of Paranoia As A Heated Mole Suit
24 –Ezra Lbs. Terminally Lame
25 –Zomes Faun Song
26 –The Velvet Monkeys Janie Has A Black Eye
27 –Jad Fair And Danielson (2) Solid Gold Heart
28 –1/2 Japanese Too Much Adrenalin
29 –Jad Fair Red Dress